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Despite all the varieties, pencil folds continue to be the most popular type of curtain heading. The pleats ensure that the loops remain tight together. This type of heading helps create an attractive and simple window dressing. With its uniform pleats, this curtain tape is often used for draping curtains made from lightweight fabrics.

A wide ribbon is preferred whenever possible for creating neat pencil folds. For this reason, the curtain must be 2.5 times the width of the curtain rod – otherwise, the folds will be narrow and long. They look especially good on long canvases.

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Sheer curtains have a beautiful aesthetic and flow thanks to their lightweight material.



Sheer curtains immediately enhance the look and feel of a room due to their timeless appearance.


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Light can be beautifully diffused through sheer curtains creating a beautiful ambiance to any room.


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A special curtain heading is used by designers to drape the curtains, which consists of lengthwise white or transparent ribbons of different widths. By adjusting the tension of the cords inside the tape, you can create folds of any density and shape. The ribbon is sewn or glued to the back of the curtain. Toward the center of the heading is a seal with ready-made loops for hanging the item.

The pleat refers to the identical folds on the tape. This type of ribbon is hung on the rod straight, after which the curtain is folded into uniform folds along the entire width of the canvas, taking into account the gaps between the hooks. There are no transverse bridges on this tape, so it can be pulled together arbitrary.

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